To See A Quick Video Tour Of Our Range Services Click On The Below:

1. An Example Of The Video Email You Receive After Each Of Your Range Sessions.

WOMAN - Facing Away
MAN - Speed1 & Speed 2
MAN - Turned To The Side MAN - Distance 1 & 2

2. Muzzle Movement Analysis.

3. We also can provide the following reports:
A. First Shot Analysis
B. Shot Time Analysis
C. Session Info Report

4. We Also Can Score Your Bulls Eye Targets.

5. Team Competition Showing 2 Shooters
(Who Is The Fastest ?)
Today We Can Do Up To 9 Shooters, Shooting At 9 Separate Targets, At The Same Time.

( This Is A Great Relaxing Time Out, For Your Corporate Personnel To Break The Ice, And Form Stronger And More Positive Productive Relationships On Our Next Level Combat Range, That Pay You Big Dividends Back At Your Office.)

6. Professional Combat Instructor Guidance, And Training During Each Of Your 1 Hour Range Appointments.

7. Analyize Your Draw Using High Speed 50 Frame Per Second Video, Then Email It To You, With Combat Instructor Pointers, And Suggestions.

8. We Are Holster Specialists, And Provide You With Professional Analysis Of Your Present Conceal Carry Holster. If You Need A new Holster, We Fit The Holster, To Both Your Pistol, Your Body Size, And How You Carry. So That No One Except You, Knows You Are Carrying.

9. If You Don't Have A Gun, We Can Rent You Both A Gun, And A Holster, To Use At Our Range.

10. We Offer A Shooting Practice Training System That You Can Own, And With Your Own Concealed Carry Pistol, Use Safely In Your Home - To Put You On The Road From Being A Good Shooter, To Being A Great Shooter ! This Brings Your Training Full Circle From Our Classrooms, And Our Range, Right Down To Your Home, That Also Saves You A Fortune In Ammunition.

The price for our above Home Practice System # 1 that contains one laser cartridge of either 380 ACP, 9 MM, 40 Smith & Wesson, or 45 ACP, and two laser targets as shown in the above video is $270.96 . Or about the same cost as 3 visits to the gun range. Give us a phone call or stop into our Range for a Live Demonstration.

11. When You Join Our Monthly Membership Club For A One Time Charge of $25.00, You Not Only Save $300.00 Per Year, But You Get A Free Embroidered Next Level Combat Range Polo Shirt, In Your Size.

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NRA Membership: Click Here to save $10 when you Join, Renew or Add a Year!

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Our Next Level Range not only provides you with the only Draw, Move and Shoot range available in the Chicago area, but in your 60 minute range appointment with us, we deliver combat pistol training by Professional Instructors at the same time, for the same money you would spend at a normal range.

We specialize in training women. Even women that have never touched a gun before.  So that they are not only confident in handling a gun to defend themselves, and their loved ones, but are confident that they can do it safely.

“ My Wife noted that being able to handle a firearm gave her a real confidence boost.  When she learned how to shoot properly, she not only learned that she could handle a gun, but also that she could handle herself .  “

We train all our men, & women students in how to actually use their Concealed Carry Weapons in a life and death situation ! To view a reall life tragic story of a woman, that had her Concealed Carry License, but was never actually trained in how to use her weapon - CLICK HERE ! (this just as easily could have happened to a man)

Now that you have read the above real life story, let me tell you that our training goes well beyond how to clear your jammed weapon, and real life combat scenarios. Our training teaches you everything you will need to survive a real life, and death gunfight !

We have a training system for you that is totally complete. It starts in our classrooms, then goes to our ranges, and finishes with providing you the training techniques, and the training equipment to train you, right in your own home !


If you have only used normal shooting ranges, it can be difficult to understand the great advantages that our "NEXT LEVEL RANGE" can deliver to you. To view our video entitled "Next Level Range Overview Information", please click here.


CALL: 630-658-0241

Our "Next Level Range" training is for women, and men who want training to survive a brutal life, and death attack ! Combat is not a contest with so many points given to winners, and losers. With our "Next Level Range" Training, you will have a much greater chance of surviving a life threatening attack, and you will be much more capable of protecting yourself, and your loved ones. We provide training using a pistol, a rifle, or a shotgun.


OUR "NEXT LEVEL RANGE", HAS SEPARATE RANGE COURSES, AND TARGETS FOR EXPERT, INTERMEDIATE, AND BEGINNER LEVELS, with immediate feed back when you hit a target. Our "NEXT LEVEL RANGE" is a range, where you walk through a specific range course, as you draw, and engage each of the targets with your own concealed carry pistol. If you do not own a pistol, we can provide one to you to use during your range session, if you have an Illinois Firearms Owners Identificatrion Card (FOID) issued by the Illinois State Police.


Here are but just a few of the many, MANY "NEXT LEVEL RANGE" training choices that you can choose from:

Our newest "Next Level Range" shooting experience, is something totally new, that is not found ANYWHERE IN THE CHICAGO METROPOLITAN AREA !

Our newest "Next Level Range" shooting system does the following:

1. It numbers all of your shots 1, 2, 3, 4, etc., during that specific shot series.

2. It shows you exactly where your shot struck the target. It also gives you an audible sound to indicate your last shot struck the target.

3. It automatically scores, and displays the value of the target ring that each of your shots have hit in that shot series.

4. It can automatically display misses, as well as, deduct points from your score, and/or time, in the event that you miss the target.

5. It automatically displays the time between all shots, as well as, the total time of all shots fired during that shot series.

6. It can keep track of, record, and make one report on up to 5 separate shooters at the same time, that draw, and shoot at 5 separate targets during one series of shots, thus providing true combat competition team shooting.

7. It can automatically keep track of the above data for 1 shot, or 100 shots, during that shot series.

8. It can show during the shot series, the exact location on the target, where each shot struck the target, during that specific shot series.

9. We can provide just about any type, or shape of target, that is 10 feet, 20 feet, 30 feet, 100 feet, 100 yards, or a 1,000 yards from you.

10. We can supply just about any image, as a target. Here is a target showing a bad guy who is holding a female hostage.

One example of our new "NEXT LEVEL COMBAT RANGE SYSTEM" would be a modified El Presidente shooting drill (2 shots at each of three targets) - first showing the hits on the three targets.

The red dots indicate where each shot struck inside the target area.
The black dot indicates where the shot on target number 3 struck outside the target area.

Now let's show you a report of the above targets that shows which shot number struck which target number, and the length of time after you heard the starting beep it took you to draw, and shoot the first shot, as well as, the time between each of the 6 shots fired. Lastly, it shows you the total time.

You will notice that the above target report does not show any point score assigned to each shot. This is because in combat, you win by surviving the combat, meaning you win by putting your shot into the center mass of your target, thus stopping the threat, not by scoring points.

When it comes to competition shooting, we can provide many targets. In this one example we have a three ring shooting bullseye target. You will notice, that the below shooting report, shows a point value for each shot, and a total point value for that specific target.



At the end of your shooting at our "Next Level Combat Range" for that specific day, we email to you, the above information in ".MP4" video file format.

We can also graph the results of multiple targets, shot in the past days, weeks, or months, that is stored on your Next Level Range Database records. The below graph shows the results of four separate shooting targets, when you measure the time it took you to draw your pistol, and place your first shot on each of the separate targets.

We also store all of your previous shooting sessions with us in our specialized "Next Level Combat Range Database System". One of our many services, is to provide the customer with analysis presented as a graph, showing results of previous shooting sessions, so you can see your improvement for comparison purposes.

Our system will show you, the time since you heard the beep that signaled you to start your draw, and shoot each target.

1. A One On One Combat Instructor is provided to you during your 60 minute range session.

2. We also can provide Combat Draw analysis using high speed video, with that instruction being video taped, and then emailed to your email address in "mp4" video computer file format, for you to look at, at home. Thereby, you can further view again, and again, the DO's, and DON'Ts of how to draw, and fire your concealed carry pistol.

3. Our Next Level Combat Range can show you what is happening to your muzzle during each shot. This will help you learn better trigger control, for better first, and subsequent followup shots. This is never even discussed at a normal pistol range.

4. At each Next Level Range 60 minute Session, we explore with you, your hopes, fears, and where you want to be, then your Combat Instructor will consentrate your training on achieving your goals.

5. One thing that we teach is Mental Preparation For Armed Confrontation. The most dangerous weapon you possess is your mind !

6. No one can provide actual live combat training except in an actual war battle. But, we strive to provide as real a scenario of combat, as is possible, thereby preparing you, as much as possible for real combat ! Our Instructors strive to create, as real life like as possible scenarios!

7. Why do we see you only by appointment ? Because, each shooter is unique, and different from all other shooters. Making it mandatory for your Next Level Combat Instructor, to construct a training session built just for your strengths, and weaknesses, so you can get the most out of your training session.


Next Level Combat Training consists of beginner, advanced, and expert level tactics, as well as gun handling, that makes drawing your concealed carry handgun from your holster as automatic, and natural as breathing. So that the Good Shooter, becomes a Great Shooter, through training in both our Next Level Combat Shooting Range, and weekly practice in the Next Level Shooting Techniques that we stress each student do in their own home. Students who take our “Next Level” training sessions, are mainly people who have just received their concealed carry licenses, and wish to become more confident, and self assured in carrying a concealed carry handgun. All the way to students that have private, local, state, and federal law enforcement experience going back many years, and wish to further their expertise.  As well as, to quicken, and sharpen their combat reaction skills.

Your "Next Level" training class is only you, and your Next Level Instructor. The length of your Next Level training class, is normally 60 minutes. The cost is $39.99 . There will be homework that will involve you, practicing certain " Next Level" techniques in your home, that your instructor feels that you need to improve on. All our "Next Level" classes are scheduled in advance only by telephoning our office at 630-658-0241 .

What you must bring to your Next Level class:

1. Your UNLOADED Concealed Carry Handgun.

2. If your concealed carry handgun is a semi-automatic pistol, then bring two empty magazines. One of these empty magazines will be in a magazine carrier you wear, and one empty magazine that will be in your semi-automatic pistol.

3. If your concealed carry handgun is a double action revolver, then bring two empty speed loaders that fit the caliber of your double action revolver.

4. Your holster for that specific Concealed Carry handgun.

5. The clothes that you normally would wear, when you carry your concealed handgun.

Other subjects that are covered in M87's "Next Level Combat" training are:

A. How to escape a situation that could force you to use your concealed carry handgun.

B. How to use cover, in a gun battle.

C. Our job is to train you to draw, hold properly, and fire your concealed carry handgun, with the greatest level of accuracy possible for you, when you have no avenue of escape in a life and death situation.

D. In our Next Level training class you will draw, and shoot your Concealed Carry Handgun while you are moving in our "Next Level Combat Range".

If you do not yet own a concealed carry handgun, we will rent you one, and a concealed carry holster for this training.

Why do we want you to bring your concealed carry handgun, and holster to your Next Level Combat Training Classes?


The aim of M87's Next Level Combat training is not just to make you a good shooter, BUT TO MAKE YOU A GREAT SHOOTER !

How many gun ranges and/ or Illinois Concealed Carry Training Schools, within a hundred miles of Chicago, Illinois, will allow you as a common shooter to wear your concealed carry holster on their range, and draw your concealed carry handgun from your holster, and fire at a target that gives you immediate feedback while you are moving, so as to improve your handgun accuracy in a life and death situation?
Answer:   NONE !

So, you go out to one of these normal pistol ranges and/or training schools, and spend hundreds, or even thousands of dollars, picking up your handgun from a shelf type counter in your shooting booth, and fire your handgun at one paper target, that gives you zero feedback, if you even hit the target, let alone where on the target, you hit that paper target.

The FBI has found that 65.8% of all gunfights in the U.S. take place with 10 feet or less. A normal pistol range only allows you to train yourself by shooting with your gun held directly in front of you at eye heigth. The FBI has found that a person can cover 10 feet in 1.7 seconds, thereby since a normnal range wilol only allow you to train with your gun held out in front of you at eye heigth, the gun is actually only 7 feet from your attacker, and your attacker can then jump that 7 feet and start wrestling you for your gun. Who ever wins goes home to dinner, and WHO EVER LOSES, GOES TO THE CEMETARY.

With our Next Level Combat Training, you learn how to shoot from the hip using muscle memory, thereby when the bad guy at 10 feet tries to jump you, he gets a bullet instead of a wrestling match for his trouble. The FBI has been training there new FBI Agents since 1932 how to shoot from the hip using muscle memory, so our mimicking FBI training techniques has a long history of success in law enforcement gun battles.

After you have completed your Illinois & Florida Concealed Carry training, and you have then gone to most normal pistol ranges doing this type of training over a period of a year or more, and you are then faced with a life and death attack, which allows you no way to escape from alive, except to draw your concealed carry handgun and use it. Do you want to be worrying, or spending those precious seconds in a life and death situation, thinking about how you are going to :

  1. Get your clothing out of the way so you can draw your handgun ?

  2. Get a "COMBAT GRIP" on your handgun, so as not to drop your pistol, because you do not have a firm "COMBAT GRIP", and have to re-grip your pistol in the middle of drawing your pistol, causing you to drop your pistol in the middle of a gun fight?

  3. Quickly draw your handgun, and not get your handgun caught, or stuck in your clothing ?

  4. Effectively and accurately fire your handgun, which you have just drawn from your holster ?

  5. Do all the above WHILE YOU ARE MOVING ! Most gun fights take place, while either you, your attacker, or both of you are moving.

  6. While also using anything near you, as cover to lessen the chance of you being shot by your attacker !

Or, would those precious seconds be better spent having practiced using “Next Level Combat” training methods, which made drawing your handgun from your concealed carry holster that is under your clothing, and firing your handgun accurately, as automatic, as you taking a breath, thereby you could then use those precious seconds to:

  1. Think if there is any way whatsoever, of what you could do to escape safely from that life and death situation ?

  2. Think and plan out your gun fighting tactics to neutralize your attacker ? ( or attackers )

  3. Think about how, and where, you are going to move so as to give you the maximum tactical advantage during the coming gun fight ?

  4. Think about how to neutralize your attacker, without injuring innocent persons who might possibly be in the area ?

  5. Think about any object that is near you, that could possibly offer you safe cover, during the coming gun battle ?

  6. Think about how to get loved ones out of the area, or under safe cover, from the coming gun battle ?

  7. Have the time to assess your attacker’s true intentions. Are they deadly, or are they non-deadly ?  If they are non-deadly, like being one of many customers who are ordered to lie on a bank’s lobby floor during a bank robbery, YOU ARE NOT A POLICE OFFICER, KEEP A VERY LOW PROFILE DURING THE ROBBERY, AND TAKE NO ACTION WHATSOEVER, UNLESS YOU ARE THREATENED WITH DEADLY FORCE PERSONALLY BY THE BANK ROBBER !

  8. Have the time, to closely watch your attacker’s movements, and assess if your attacker is drawing his handgun, WHICH DEMANDS YOUR IMMEDIATE RESPONSE OF DRAWING, AND FIRING YOUR HANDGUN, TO DEFEND YOUR LIFE !

During a life and death situation, time will be enormously compressed, in that seconds will seem like minutes,  and your body will produce and deliver a great deal of adrenaline to your blood stream. During these times of crisis, you will not have enough time to think about all of the above items numbered 1 thru 8. But, you just might have the time to think about one or two of these above 8 items, and that may give you the edge, to survive this life and death struggle.

Once your mind makes the decision that you are now forced to draw your handgun, I want you to draw, and fire VERY ACCURATELY, AND JUST AS EASILY AS YOU TAKE A BREATH !



  • You must have on your person, a valid and current FOID, ( Firearms Owners Identification Card), issued by the Illinois State Police.
  • Do not bring any live ammunition whatsoever, into our Next Level Combat Range !
  • Only enter our range building with your handgun in an unloaded condition.
  • Come directly to your Next Level Range, Inc. Combat Instructor, and hand your Instructor, your Concealed Carry Handgun, so that he / she can inspect your handgun, and confirm that your handgun and any magazines, have no ammunition in them.
  • When your Instructor returns your Concealed Carry Handgun to your control, you will place your Concealed Carry Handgun back into your Concealed Carry holster.
  • You will follow any, and all instructions concerning your holster, and handgun that your Next level Range, Inc. Instructor tells you to do.
  • When the Next Level Range, Inc. Instructor dismisses your "Next Level Combat Range" appoiuntment, your Concealed Carry Handgun and your Holster, will not be visible to public view.
  • You WILL NOT RELOAD your Concealed Carry handgun, if you possess an Illinois Concealed Carry License with live ammunition, until you have left the parking lot of the building in which our range is located. If you do not possess an Illinois Concealed Carry License, you will not load your handgun, but pace it in the trunk of your car, and not reload it until you are home.

CCW as used above, means "Concealed Carry Weapon".

FOID as used above, means Illinois "Firearm Owner's Identification Card".

NRA as used above, means "The National Rifle Association of America".

Appointment as used above, means a Next Level Combat Range shooting appointment for a specific date, and a specific 30 minute time frame, that is mutually agreed upon by the Customer, and the Combat Instructor for the Next Level Range, Inc..

Next Level Range
Suite "X"
1350 Remington Road
Schaumburg, Illinois 60173
Telephone Number: 630-658-0241

Regular Range Hours:
Available By Appointment Only
Our Range is closed on all National Holidays
If you call outside the above hours, please leave a voice mail message, and we will call you back ASAP during our regular office hours.