Read Of Our Unique Range That Is A First In Illinois.

We have built, and automated an indoor pistol, rifle, and shotgun range like no other !
Our Next Level Range is heated in the winter, and air conditioned in the summer.
We supply all ammunition !

How would you like to have a Professional Combat Instructor at your side, to help you for 30 minutes, and teaches you how to:

  1.  Draw your concealed carry weapon from your holster.
  2.  Teach you how to, accurately shoot your concealed carry weapon:
  1. From your strong hand.
  2. From your weak hand.
  3. With two hands.
  4. With one hand .
  5. With offhand shooting.
  6. Shooting from the hip, like they teach FBI Agents.
  7. Shoot while using concealment.
  8. Shoot while moving
  1.  Present you with multiple targets that you shoot while moving.
  2.  Score the numeric value hits on one or multiple bulls eye targets such as 7, 8, 9, 10.
  3.  Provide many, many target types from silhouette targets, to hostage targets.
  4.  Present these targets at distances starting at 3 yards, all the way to 1000 yards.
  5.  Create real life combat scenarios that constantly sharpen your combat abilities.
  6.  We provide real life combat scenarios that make you reload your weapon in the middle of a gun fight after you have emptied your weapon.
  7.   Score all the above.
  8.  Capture on video you and your friends doing all the above, and then email it to you as an “.mp4” video file.
  9.  Capture on video you and your friends doing all the above, store it in our Next Level Range database.


All the above items including Item # 1, Item #2 A thru H and  Item #3 thru Item # 11 is available in our basic 30 minute shoot appointment for $39.99

Here are some other services we can offer you:

 Email you a graphical report that covers every time you shot at our range for up to a year, so you can see how you are doing. (This report costs $20.00)

 Analyze your draw using high speed 60 frame per second video, thus showing you, your draw in slow motion. 
Email the Analysis of your draw to you with helpful audio suggestions from your combat instructor.  (This Emailed Draw Analysis costs $29.99 total).

 Capture and show the movement of your muzzle just before, and just after you pull the trigger. (Muzzle Movement Analysis costs $29.99 )

Have your friends at your side all shooting at separate targets at the same time, and we show which shooter shot the target 1st, 2nd, etc.
Price depends on how many shooters are in your group. We can handle from two shooters up to nine shooters.

We teach people (especially women) that have never touched a gun in their life.
We teach poeple that have a Concealed Carry License, but were never taught true combat survival tactics to use in a gun fight.
And we also teach Law Enforcement Professionals, that just want to sharpen some of their skills.

The reason we only schedule you after one of our combat instructors has spoken to you, is that the combat instructor evaluates
were your skills are when you 1st call us.  So that your training can start were your skills are at that specific moment.
Thereby you can start learning from your very first appointment, with no wasted time, or wasted money !

We deliver to you a complete Combat Training experience, that does not stop once you walk out our door.
We like to see our Next Level Customers once a month. And in between we give you home work to continue your training that you can do right in your home. Our Home Training System is shown at this website:

Many people feel that they do not need our training.
Here is a true story of a women that had a man constantly harassing her.  So she bought a gun, and got a Concealed Carry License, but she never learned how to use that gun in a combat situation. Her male attacker killed her, with her own gun !
The link to her story is shown below:

1. The time for a Next Level Range, Inc. Appointment will start when the customer is scheduled to arrive for their appointment. The time for that specific Next level Range, Inc. Appointment will end, 30 minutes later. This also includes a Combat Instructor during that 30 minutes.

2. The cost for a one hour Appointment for a person is $39.99 .

3. All the fees for that specific Appointment are to be paid by credit card three days prior to that specific Next Level Range, Inc. Appointment. If the customer's Credit Card is declined for any reason, our Next Level Range, Inc. office staff will call, and email that customer about their credit card being declined. If the Appointment is not paid within one day of the Appointment date, that specific Next Level Range, Inc. Appointment will be cancelled, and the customer will be sent an email to that effect.

4. Gun and holster Rental is no charge for your Next Level Combat Range Appointment for one specific date and time. The Gun and holster rental have to be arraigned for at the time you make your Next Level Combat Range Appointment.

Our "NEXT LEVEL COMBAT RANGE" is a range, where you either stand still, or walk through a specific range course, as you draw, and engage each of the targets with your own concealed carry pistol. If you do not own a pistol, we can set up the type, caliber of pistol, and holster we will rent to you, for your use during your Next Level Range, Inc. Appointment, as long as, you have on your person, a current, and valid Illinois Firearms Owners Identification Card (FOID) issued by the Illinois State Police. If you do not have a current, and valid Illinois Firearms Owners Identification Card (FOID) issued by the Illinois State Police, we can assist you in obtaining one, but we can not set up a Next Level Range, Inc. Appointment for you without a current, and valid FOID.

If you make a Next level Range, Inc. Appointment, and tell our staff while making that specific appointment, that you have a valid, and current Illinois Firearms Owners Identification Card (FOID) issued to you by the Illinois State Police, and when you arrive for that specific Next Level Range, Inc. Appointment you come without that valid, and current FOID for that specific Appointment, your appointment is cancelled, and any and all of your appointment fees previously charged to your credit card for that specific appointment will be forfeited by the customer.


When you are forced to live through a life and death combat situation

To start your journey to your Next Level CALL US AT 630-658-0241

CCW as used above, means "Concealed Carry Weapon".
FOID as used above, means Illinois "Firearm Owner's Identification Card".

NRA as used above, means "The National Rifle Association of America".

Appointment as used above, means a Next Level Combat Range shooting appointment for a specific date, and a specific 30 minute time frame, that is mutually agreed upon by the Customer, and the Combat Instructor for the Next Level Range, Inc..


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Regular Office Hours:
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Saturday from 8:00 AM. to 5:00 PM.
Our office is closed on Sundays, and all National Holidays
If you call outside the above hours, please leave a voice mail message, and we will call you back ASAP during our regular office hours.